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Subject: Turning Left (Major to Minor)
Recap: Moving off and stopping, Gears, MSPSL

What: How to approach and negotiate a left hand turn safely

How: Look at the main points of turning left and how the MSPSL routine should be applied, followed by on road practice.

By the end of the lesson: Be able to turn left from a major to a minor road under full control and with due regard for other road users with little or no help from your instructor

Main Points:

Advance Info: Look for clues on the approach to help to identify the junction and plan ahead:
Amount of traffic, Vehicles turning into / emerging from the road, Warning / direction signs, Road markings, traffic lights, Breaks in lines of houses / parked cars.

Hazard: Junctions are hazards, The MSPSL routine should be applied

irrors: Check speed / position of following vehicles - Interior and left mirrors

ignal: Tell other road users you intentions clearly and in good time

osition: Maintain a normal driving position (1m from the kerb) this confirms your intentions to turn and not park

peed: Reduce your speed on the approach - the less you can see the slower you move. Be in the correct gear (2nd on most junctions) around 3 car lengths before the turn to allow time to raise the clutch fully (Do not coast around the corner)

ook: Check your mirrors again, particularly the left door mirror (For cyclists)
Check ahead for anyone who may turn right and cut across your path
Check into the new road for any pedestrians / obstructions

Steering: Not too early (you may clip the kerb) or too late (you may end up on the wrong side)
Don't swing out to the right before turning (you might move into other traffic)

After Turn: Check your mirrors and speed up if it's safe


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 149-152)
The Official Driving Test (Pg. 39-40)


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