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Subject: Right Reverse
Recap: Left Reverse, Clutch control

What: Reverse the car into a side road on the right safely and under full control

How: Discuss the routine and consider safety aspects, followed by a demonstration if required and then guided practice

By the end of the lesson: Be able to reverse the car around a right corner safely and with little or no help

Main Points:

Keep the car as slow as possible and under full control at all times


Test / Dead Ends / Wrong Turns
Not possible to do Turn In The Road or U-Turn  or No road on the left to reverse into
You have no view through the rear window
Your view to the sides is restricted


A safe, conveinient and legal place (SCALP) 
Away from pedestrians and children
Away from obstructions (trees, lamposts, other street furnature)
Enough space to reverse into the new road, (At least 4-5 car lengths)


360 degree observations before moving  (6 point check)
Your front end will swing out at the point of turn narrowing the road (Check Blindspot)
Use the Right Mirror Or Window  to guide the car around the kerb (Quick checks)
Look mainly in the direction of travel with regular checks all around the vehicle
Ensure you understand other road users intentions (Eye Contact)
Remember You Are On The Wrong Side Of The Road Causing An Obstruction


Very slow car, effective use of clutch control or brake control
4 parts, Maneouvre to the right side of the road - Straight reverse - Steer around the corner - Straight reverse
Use a Half Turn, then correct as necessary


Follow the method described / demonstrated by your driving instructor


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 182)


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