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Subject: Reverse Park (Parallel Park)
Recap: Left Reverse - Observations, Clutch control

What: Reverse the car into a limited opening between 2 cars and end up reasonably close to the kerb

How: Discuss the routine and consider safety aspects, followed by a demonstration if required and then guided practice

By the end of the lesson: Be able to parallel park safely and with little or no help

Main Points:

Keep the car as slow as possible and steer quckly (Slow Car Fast Steering)

Why: Test / Ease of parking in tight spaces


A safe, conveinient and legal place (SCALP) 
Minimum gap of 1 1/2 car lengths
Practice around only 1 parked car to start 
(No parked cars behind)
Then practice between 2 parked cars


360 degree observations before moving  (6 point check) 
Look mainly in the direction of travel with regular checks all around the vehicle
Ensure you understand other road users intentions (Eye Contact)
There are likely to be pedestrians around when performing this manoeuvre


Very slow car, effective use of clutch control or brake control
Very fast steering (Big Steering Movements)
Use full lock
Acuracy is VERY important


Follow the method described / demonstrated by your driving instructor


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 185 / 187)
The Official Driving Test (Pg. 35)


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