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Subject: Moving Off And Stopping
Recap: Use of controls and the cockpit drill

What: How to move away safely, achieve a normal driving position and then select somewhere and stop the vehicle in a safe place.

How: Look at the main points and the procedures for moving off and stopping, followed by on road practice under guided instruction.

By the end of the lesson: Be able to move away and stop again safely with little or no help

Main Points:

Before starting carry out the cockpit drill (DSSSM) & safety checks (Handbrake/Neutral)

Moving Off


Clutch in, Select 1st gear
Set the gas - hold steady
Slowly raise the clutch to the biting point, Then hold your FEET STILL


Check your mirrors and your BLINDSPOT 
Signal if necessary, and prepare the handbrake
Check your mirrors and your BLINDSPOT, If it's still safe...


Release the handbrake, and keep your  FEET STILL (The car will begin to creep)
Steer to a normal driving position
Straighten up
SLOWLY release the clutch fully
Cancel the signal (If necessary)


Before stopping, decied on a safe, convenient and legal place to pull over  (SCALP)

Follow the  MSPSL Routine

irrors - Check it is safe to stop, and asses how you will affect other road users
ignal - If necessary give a signal to make other road users aware of your intentions
osition - Ease off the gas and steer in to a parked position
peed, GENTLY brake and put your clutch to the floor 1 car length before you stop
ook - make sure you are stopped in a suitable place, and move on if necessary

EP YOUR FEET STILL - Secure The Vehicle By Applying the handbrake, selecting neutral and canceling your signal (If necessary). You can now rest your feet.


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 68-71)
The Official Driving Test (Pg. 27)


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