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Subject: Making Progress
Recap: The Use Of Speed, 2 Second Rule, Speed Limits

What: Consider making good progress when it is possible, safe and legal to do so

How: Discuss the routine and consider safety aspects, and how progress should be made in different situations

By the end of the lesson: Have a good understanding of how and when progree can be made safely

Main Points:

Making Progress - General:

You need to be able to drive at a realistic speed subject to:
Type of road - Volume and type of traffic - Weather conditions - Speed limits - Other road users actions.

When safe, you should keep to speed limits and not drive too slowly (This frustraits other drivers and causes them to take un-necessary risks).
Keep up with traffic (Use judgement - limits, road conditions)
Approach Hazards at a safe speed.
Dont hold up traffic by preparing too early for junctions.

Making Progress - Junctions:

Move off as soon as it's safe at junctions and roundabouts.
Develop and show confidence and good judgement.
Don't be over cautious (Dont stop if it's safe to go).
Plan ahead and be prepared to take advantage of gaps.
If you're going, GO!!! - Don't hang about, clear the junction ASAP.


The Official Driving Test (Pg. 32)


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