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Subject: Crossroads
Recap: Turning Left/Right, Emerging Left/Right, MSPSL

What: How to approach and negotiate crossroads safely

How: Look at the main points of crossroads and how the MSPSL routine should be applied, followed by on road practice.

By the end of the lesson: Be able to plan for and negotiate crossroads under full control and with due regard for other roafd users with little or no help from your instructor

Main Points:


How To Identify: Look for two roads opposite each other to identify the junction, other clues include:
Amount of traffic, Vehicles turning into / emerging from roads, Warning / direction signs, Road markings, traffic lights, Breaks in lines of houses / parked cars.

Hazard - MSPSL: 

When going straight ahead your signal to consider is your break lights
Match speed to what you can see - Slow down until you can see it is safe to proceed

Treat as if turning Left or right, but with extra observation to the road opposite the one you aim to turn into  LARAL

 Note: When Turning Right

When 2 vehicles are turning right decide whether to pass:
               Nearside to Nearside / Offside to Offside
OS/OS - Safest as this gives you the best view of the road ahead, but may restrict 
                      traffic flow
NS/NS - More common as allows for a greater traffic flow, but restricts visibility


Approach as a Left/Right emerge using the MSPSL routine. Pay attention to road markings and signs. Is the junction Open or Closed

Extra Obs:

An extra factor to be taken into consideration is the road opposite LARAL 
If there is a car opposite asess who has priority, if anyone! 
Look for clues from the driver / vehicle position / angle of wheels / signals etc.


All Directions

How To Identify:

No road markings or signs (often found on country roads / housing estates).
Clues include gaps in houses/hedges/streetlights and vehicles emerging/turning.

Priorities: Never assume priority - at an unmarked crossroads nobody has priority.

 Speed: Imagine a give way line and approach as though you intend to emerge
Match your speed to what you can see or what you cannot see.
Always be prepared to give way


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 164-167)
The Official Driving Test (Pg. 46-48)


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