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Subject: Controls & Cockpit Drill
Recap: Previous Driving / Riding Experience

What: How to locate, identify and operate the main controls of the car and how to perform the cockpit drill and necessary safety checks.

How: Explain and practice the cockpit drill and safety checks. Discuss where the foot, hand and minor controls are, what they do, and how to use them.

By the end of the lesson: Be familiar with the main controls, cockpit drill and safety checks

Main Points:

D oors          Opening safely and checking that they are closed correctly
S eat            Adjusting the seat so that you can reach all controls comfortably and safely
S teering       Able to hold at the top comfortably and without stretching
S eat Belt      Correctly positioned and locked in place 
M irrors         Interior: Best view to the rear particularly the offside without moving head
                   Exterior: Best view behind and the side of your car should just be visible


What they are called  -  Where they are located  -  What they do  -  How to use them

Foot Controls:

A ccelerator (GAS)
B reak
C lutch

Hand Controls:

Hand Brake
Gear Lever
Steering Wheel

Safety Checks:

Is the Handbrake on - In the car in Neutral

Minor Controls:

Lights - Horn - Washers Wipers - Fans / Demister - Fuel / Temp Guages - Warning Lights - Speedometer - Tachometer - Hazard Lights - Rear Screen Heater - Fog Lights


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 30-53)
The Official Driving Test (Pg. 22-26)


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