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Subject: Clutch Control
Recap: Moving Off & Stopping, Changing Gear

What: How to use the clutch correctly and how it can be use to control the speed of the vehicle at low speeds.

How: Look at the how the clutch works and the main points of the clutch.

By the end of the lesson: Be able to operate the clutch correctly and smoothly and maintain very low speeds by use of the clutch alone.

Main Points:

What is it:

Using the clutch to control the vehicle at low speeds.
How the clutch works - see diagram

When to use it:

Slow traffic queues - Manoeuvres - Emerging etc.

How to do it:

Biting point - Practice finding it
Tiny clutch movements - feel movement of the car
Dual control demo


Driving The Essential Skills (Pg. 41-42)


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